Origins of Coffee

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The legend goes like this. It started in the Ethiopian Highlands, where a goatherd, Kaldi noticed that his goats upon eating berries from a certain tree, became spirited and they did not want to sleep at night. Kaldi reported his findings to the head of the local monastery. The head of the monastery proceeded to make a drink with these mysterious berries. He discovered that it kept him alert for the long hours of evening prayer. Soon the head of the monastery shared his discovery with the other monks at the monastery.

Since then, knowledge slowly began to spread about the energizing effects of the berry.

Moonshadow Coffee Shop

As we all know, coffee is an essential part of the morning routine. Helps us shake those sleepy cobwebs of a night’s rest. There is no better thing than to wake up, take in some fresh air with your freshly brewed coffee in the morning. Sitting outside waking up slowly with that first pot of coffee and taking in nature is surely the best way to start one’s day. But let us not forget the rain. Nothing better to sit and watch the rain drops falling as you take in that smell and taste of a warm cup of freshly brewed coffee, whether it be in the morning or sometime during the day. Now if you think of summer, most would say that it is too hot for coffee, that is simply not true. Best way to cool down if you ask me, I find it is a very good remedy for those hot days.

Now I am not talking about that instant coffee nonsense, I am talking about freshly ground coffee beans, the proper kind of coffee. It is a kind of meditation to listen and smell that coffee as it goes through that process of combining the coffee bean and the water into an elixir of the gods.

Take a sip and enjoy life.

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Now talking about nature, Moonshadow has the perfect balance of comfort and nature mixed into it. Sitting on the “stoep” you can enjoy a cup of coffee, be it Espresso, Cappuccino or the humble plunger coffee, enjoying the beautiful garden and a view of the Overberg Mountain.

Moonshadow Coffee Shop Espresso

Located in the town of Swellendam, Moonshadow creates a relaxed, calming effect for when you just need to break away from that busy schedule or long journey. Regenerate with a cup of coffee before taking on the rest of the day.

Moonshadow Coffee Shop Plunger Moonshadow Cofee Shop Plunger
Till next time,

The Moonshadow Team.

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