TATAMOO Vegan Cheese at the Big Bee Festival

As a cheese-addict vegetarian gone vegan, finding a good plant-based cheese substitute was high on my list of priorities. Sourcing vegan products in a small town in South Africa can be somewhat of a challenge (some people here still think chicken is a vegetable!), so I was very excited when I spotted a couple of vegan cheeses in our local supermarket. Sadly, these vegan cheeses did not live up to my hopes and expectations. To the contrary, they were sweet, tasted nothing like cheese, and turned out to be quite awful! I realized with a heavy heart that my days of cheese eating (my former go-to comfort food) were probably over for good.

And then, everything changed. A friend visiting from Cape Town brought me a few of TATAMOO's products. It was love at first bite. TATAMOO's aged cheese doesn't just taste like cheese - it tastes like good cheese! And their Tatanaise and cream cheese are equally tasty and delicious. I was over the moon to discover a cruelty-free, dairy-free product that was every bit as tasty as conventional cheese!

Tatamoo Vegan Cheese

With Swellendam's Big Bee festival around the corner, we were delighted that TATAMOO accepted our invitation to come and showcase their products at Moonshadow's Bohemian Big Bee event.

TATAMOO will showcase its aged macadamia cheese, aged cashew cheese, cashew cream cheese and Tatanaise. Delicious and unique, TATAMOO nut cheese is the perfect gourmet substitute for cheese! The aged nut cheese is made using the same procedures for producing traditional dairy-based cheese. It contains no preservatives, stabilizers, artificial ingredients or additives. TATAMOO is a 100% dairy-free, 100% soy-free, 100% gluten-free, 100% lactose-free raw vegan cheese. With its rich, creamy textures and subtle flavours, it tastes like “traditional” cheese only better! You will love it!

If you're a cheese lover, or a vegan, or lactose-, soy- or gluten-intolerant, or just curious, be sure to pop in at Moonshadow to sample some of TATAMOO's delicious goodies during the Big Bee Bohemian event.

For more information about TATAMOO's products, visit their website or facebook page or contact TATAMOO directly.

Till next time,

The Moonshadow Team.

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