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  1. Big Bee Countdown

    Big Bee Countdown
    Big Bee At long last, the Big Bee festival is almost upon us. Moonshadow is buzzing getting everything ready for the Bohemian Event we'll be hosting on 9 and 10 August. Continue reading
  2. TATAMOO Vegan Cheese

    TATAMOO Vegan Cheese
    TATAMOO Vegan Cheese at the Big Bee Festival As a cheese-addict vegetarian gone vegan, finding a good plant-based cheese substitute was high on my list of priorities. Sourcing vegan products in a small town in South Africa can be somewhat of a challenge (some people here still think chicken is a vegetable!), Continue reading
  3. Bohemian Beading

    Bohemian Beading
    Bohemian Beading at the Big Bee by Christine - Moonshadow's resident artist and queen of all things beaded. For me the universe consists of not atoms, but beads. Wherever I go, wherever I look, I see beads - the waterfall showers sparkling clear beads over the moss; the sun shines on the snow and trillions of silver beads pop up; waves roll in and bless us with sprays of beads. I lie on my back on the forest floor and see a kaleidoscope of bright beads through the branches. Bushes are covered with bead-berries in all the warm colours - yellow, orange, red, purple. Trees drop wonderful earth-coloured beads in the form of acorns and seeds. And even at night, the pure joy of looking up at the bead-filled heavens. Continue reading
  4. Big Bee Bohemian

    Big Bee Bohemian
    Have you heard the buzz? The first ever Big Bee Festival is taking place in Swellendam! The Big Bee is scheduled for 9, 10 and 11 August, when the canola fields are in full bloom. Swellendam boasts a wealth of things to do, and the Big Bee will give visitors the opportunity to explore the very best of Adventure, Lifestyle, Nature and Entertainment Swellendam has to offer. Continue reading

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