Moonshadow's Spring Garden

It's just past Spring Equinox, and Moonshadow's garden is bursting with new life! Looking at the lush greenery and bright colours, it is quite something to think that there used to be no garden at all…

square piece of land

It all started with a square piece of land covered in weeds and hard patches of concrete where mixing took place during renovation of the building. It was sad. The view of the Langeberg Mountains was beautiful, but that was all.Moonshadow's Garden Before

first things first

The first thing we did was to acquire a fountain. Immediately everything was a bit better, the sound of the water soothing the harshness of the surroundings. Then we hired people to chop up the hard patches with pickaxes and life began in Moonshadow’s garden.

dug and planted

We dug and planted. A miniature tree turned out to grow so fast we could virtually hear it, and became huge. Shrubs shot up like magic beans and burst into flower. A bird dropped a mulberry in flight and a mulberry tree appeared. We even had our first crop of grapes.

Moonshadow's Garden  Moonshadow's Garden
bursts with growth

Now the garden bursts with growth. Happy flowers are vying for space. Creepers worm their way up frames and onto the stoep. Violets, nasturtiums, roses, pansies, daisies and many whose names we don’t know…. the scent of jasmine…little pathways covered with rose quartz chips, fairy houses, growth everywhere.

Moonshadow's Garden

tranquil paradise

Now the garden is a tranquil paradise, giving visitors a feeling of calmness and harmony and visited by friendly cats, many species of birds, butterflies and chameleons, and the biggest bumble bees we have ever seen…. All presided over by our faithful fountain that has mesmerised many a visitor with the music of falling water.

Moonshadow's Garden


Till next time,

The Moonshadow Team.

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