How about a JUICY BURGER after a long day's travel? Worried about the cholesterol? Or following a cruelty-free diet? We know from experience that travellers with special dietary requirements often struggle to find suitable meals. Moonshadow's Coffee Shop might have just the thing you need!


After our recent kitchen extensions, Moonshadow's Coffee Shop now offers a scrumptious 100% PLANT-BASED (vegan) burger! The patties are freshly made from scratch (no scary processed ingredients), and are bursting with flavour.

As any self-respecting elephant will confirm, there is plenty of protein and nutrition in plant-based food. Our generous burger patties are no exception - packed with natural protein, vitamins and minerals, and every bit as tasty as they are healthy.

Burgers are served on freshly baked buns with a splash of hummus, sauce or caramelised onions (depending on the kitchen's mood), and a fresh garden salad.


We've received great feedback so far from vegans, vegetarians and omnivores alike - "sumptuous", "delectable", "delicious"… Do pop in and see for yourself! If you have space left for dessert, Moonshadow also offers decadent (vegan) cake.

Hungry visitors who require gluten-free or soy-free options, please contact us 48 hours before your visit so that we can cater for you!

Till next time,

The Moonshadow Team.

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