Birthday musings, and exciting Moonshadow news!

Moonshadow's 15th Birthday

Today 15 years ago our dream became a reality and Moonshadow was born. A life-changing day!

Moonshadow Gift shop

We had birthdays in Observatory, Table View, and Swellendam, and I'm surprised at how many times it has rained, like today. And on the rainy birthdays always an abundance of birds. When Moonshadow moved from Observatory to Table View and re-opened on our birthday, we had dozens of red finches entertaining us by dancing in the torrential rain. Today Moonshadow's rainy garden in Swellendam is alive with scores of Common Waxbills (Estrilda Astrild), Cape White Eyes (Zosterops Virens), pigeons, yellow finches and a sunbird.

Moonshadow Vegan Deli

Today we are excited to celebrate not only the Gift Shop's birthday, but also the launch of Moonshadow Vegan Deli. Our Vegan Deli offers a range of artisan vegan food products, made in our dedicated vegan kitchen. Have a look at the Vegan Deli website to place your order - there's even vegan biltong (made from only plant-based ingredients)! Products ship anywhere in South Africa.

Moonshadow's Vegan Deli's news, will be sharing recipes, vegan tips, and product news on their own blog and social media - you'll find the subscription box at the bottom of, and Vegan Deli's Facebook and Twitter links right at the top of their website.

Gift Shop news:

As September is our birthday month, we're planning exciting specials at the Gift Shop! We'll let you know more about that soon.

A big thank you to all our fans who have sent us good wishes for Moonshadow's birthday! Our journey so far has been a wonderful sparkly adventure thanks to all of you!

Till next time,

The Moonshadow Team.

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