1. Getting Creative with Red & Silver

    Getting Creative with Red & Silver
    Getting Creative Creativity is a strange creature. It can't be forced. It should never really be controlled. And what grabs the creative eye from one day to the next seems to depend on various factors we can't always explain.  Continue reading
  2. What's New? – Everything!

    What's New? – Everything!
    Website make-over We've just completed an exciting website make-over. After long hours of testing and tweaking, it's all systems go, and we are thrilled with the new look and feel of the website! Cue dramatic music…. Get the drum rolls going… Here's what's new: Continue reading
  3. Birthday musings, and exciting Moonshadow news!

    Birthday musings, and exciting Moonshadow news!
    Birthday musings, and exciting Moonshadow news! Moonshadow's 15th Birthday Continue reading
  4. Animals Matter

    Animals Matter
    World Animal Day The 4th of October is World Animal Day. All over the planet, animal lovers will be marching and celebrating to show the world how much animals matter to them. Continue reading
  5. Pancakes anyone?

    Pancakes anyone?
    Who wants pancakes? New on Moonshadow Coffee Shop's menu - Savoury and Sweet Pancakes! Continue reading
  6. Moonshadow Coffee Shop goes VEGAN!

    Moonshadow Coffee Shop goes VEGAN!
    Moonshadow Coffee Shop goes VEGAN! Moonshadow Coffee Shop has officially transformed itself into a safe haven for vegans. Vegans (and vegetarians!) who are looking for a place to have a meal without having to worry about the million questions about what is in the food, or wondering about trace ingredients, E-numbers, or cross-contamination, need look no further. We have done that leg work for you so you can enjoy absolute peace of mind while enjoying a meal or even a simple cup of coffee on our colourful back stoep. Continue reading
  7. How about a Juicy Burger

    How about a Juicy Burger
    JUICY BURGER How about a JUICY BURGER after a long day's travel? Worried about the cholesterol? Or following a cruelty-free diet? We know from experience that travellers with special dietary requirements often struggle to find suitable meals. Moonshadow's Coffee Shop might have just the thing you need! Continue reading
  8. Moonshadow's Garden

    Moonshadow's Garden
    Moonshadow's Spring Garden It's just past Spring Equinox, and Moonshadow's garden is bursting with new life! Looking at the lush greenery and bright colours, it is quite something to think that there used to be no garden at all… Continue reading
  9. The Legend of the origins of Coffee

    The Legend of the origins of Coffee
    Origins of Coffee The legend goes like this. It started in the Ethiopian Highlands, where a goatherd, Kaldi noticed that his goats upon eating berries from a certain tree, became spirited and they did not want to sleep at night. Kaldi reported his findings to the head of the local monastery. The head of the monastery proceeded to make a drink with these mysterious berries. He discovered that it kept him alert for the long hours of evening prayer. Soon the head of the monastery shared his discovery with the other monks at the monastery. Continue reading
  10. Big Bee Report Back

    Big Bee Report Back
    Big Bee Festival Wow, what a weekend we had at our Bohemian event for Swellendam's first ever Big Bee festival! We were very busy bees indeed, but had loads of fun too! The week leading up to the Big Bee weekend was very stormy, with buckets of rain and a good deal of snow on the Langeberg mountains surrounding Swellendam. We were starting to get worried that our weather spells weren't up to scratch! But Friday and Saturday we had blue skies, sunshine and snow-capped mountains - perfect weather! Moonshadow was buzzing with visitors from all over the place who had lots of fun shopping and exploring our various Bohemian displays and activities. Continue reading

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